Yes Really! DJSTARTMYPARTY.COM is a LIVE streaming DJ service that is provided at time of purchase. Maybe you are having a office party, dorm party, or a get together where you cannot have a DJ and his equipment. Well then this service is for you!

Simply fill out the form at the top of the website with information such as how many people are going to be at your party and what type of music you would like to DJ to mainly focus on. You will of course be given the link to your individual webpage where you will be able to send chat requests directly to the DJ who is LIVE right now.

“ Providing people with the ability to have their own DJ at the tip of their fingers is a very unique service. There are so many times when a DJ either does not show up for an event or the location "dorm room" does not have enough space to setup a DJ. I have had a few office parties where we would close a deal that day and had reason for this service by the end of the day. To have a instant LIVE person DJ within 15 minutes of purchase is a ground breaking service that will go global very soon. ”

How do I book a DJ for my party right this second?


No other DJ service allows you to literally book a LIVE DJ within 5 minutes time. Normally it takes time to book a DJ even then you have issues with people showing up and room for equipment all kinds of reasons to simply click and book a DJ right now and then have that dj be dedicated to you for the next few hours. We supply a private chatroom for your guests to give the DJ requests and shoutouts.

Most of our users will take the audio stream and plug their phones directly into their stereo system and or home system. Once we provide the audio stream link you have several solutions to play that audio..

Save Money

Most DJ's charge outlandish prices for their services ranging from Wedding DJ's to Birthday party DJ's etc. Our service allows you to save money and space at your party!.

Our DJ's are Ready

Our DJ's do live parties each and every day. Matter of fact there are LIVE parties going on as you are reading this right now. The whole concet of our company is to have a DJ ready to go live any minute of the day 24/7 365..

Global Service

Our network is currently setup to provide a streaming DJ for you within 5 minutes anywhere in the world. Once you book your party you will be given a link to a chatroom and and your audio stream. This service works anywhere on the planet where there is internet.

Revolutionary DJ Service

We can also book a DJ for you sometime down the road if you wish but our service focuses on those clients who need a DJ right this second for whatever reason. Our DJ's are extremely talented and have very extensive music collections. We are here and ready!


“ I booked a DJ for my daughters Birthday party and the DJ did not show up. I used this service and then plugged my phone into my home system and we have a DJ live. The kids really enjoyed sending music requests to the DJ using their mobile phones "they thought that was very cool". Thank you you saved the party!“

- Marta Healy

“ My company ArisTech closed on a very huge deal and I used this service to have a on the spot office party. My boss loves Van Halen so the DJ played all of their hits for us while giving shouts to friends and partners This is a really great service!. “

- Laura Stegner

“ We had a party for my parents at my home and due to not having enough space this service was perfect for us. Being able to chat directly to the DJ is amazing. We really appreciate you all the party was a hit.. “

- Edna Barton

“ I had a crazy beach party down the shore and our DJ ended up backing out. A friend of mine suggested that I try this service! Well now this is the only DJ service I use. Being able to have a LIVE DJ that will play any song under the sun is just incredible. I will see you all this summer once again. You guys Rock for sure!“

- Mark Johnson